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Dear Hospitality Studies Educator

We would like to introduce you to Master books.

1. Encompasses aspects of CAPS 100 %. No need to add additional information.
2. Creative class and homework activities – can also be used for all exams and test papers. Suitable for all brain types and includes low to higher order questions.
3. Teachers guide includes a CD with recipes, homework activities, memoranda and a Powerpoint example. Recipes and activities can be easily adapted and copied.
4. A Powerpoint series are available for all the chapters. This can also be used for making transparancies.
5. Thorough research was done. Experts in the industry were also consulted, e.g.:
•Islamic Council of South Africa
•Muslim Judicial Council
•Legend Lodges, Hotels & Resorts
•Nicolas van der Walt – FBI Chefs School and Pastry Academy
6. MasterBooks Manuals are also available on E-Books.

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